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What’s It About?

Sometimes it feels like nothing is going right in America. Politics has become a contact sport. People are fighting against each other and trying to silence dissenting voices. Our government isn’t trustworthy and problems like healthcare and the debt continue piling up.

Fortunately, not everything is broken. There are still some bright spots where America still works.

Bright Spots, Big Country is a field guide for conservatives. It’s full of stories collected from across the nation that highlight those successes. It shows how following conservative principles, like, Self Determination, Equal Opportunity and Economic Freedom makes life better for everyone.

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710 KEEL Interview with Author Louis R. Avallone

Have You Lost Your Faith in America?

  • Do you think our country’s best days are behind her?

  • Do you find it easy to point out the problems in America today, but can’t find the places where things are going well?


Then this book is for you!  Bright Spots, Big Country will restore your faith in the idea of America.  You’ll rediscover how the principles laid out by our Founders in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are still relevant and valuable in modern society.  And, you’ll read example after example of ways to rebuild our trust in America, one bright spot at a time.

This Book Will Help You…

  • Understand where conservative principles come from.

  • Learn how to quickly and easily analyze complex political problems.

  • See how the beliefs our Founders promoted in 1776 still make life better for all Americans today.

Memorable Quotes

“For us, the idea of a shining City Upon a Hill isn’t a utopia, free from problems. Rather, it is a bright spot, a light at the end of a dark tunnel for all of humanity.” [Tweet]


“The simple truth is that the more personal control you have over your pursuit of happiness, the happier you will be.” [Tweet]


“More than 20 years would pass before my father would make another journey into the “hillside,” but this time with everything he owned packed in a small, borrowed suitcase. That was the day he landed in New Orleans, Louisiana.” [Tweet]


“Success stories of people in America who have risen up from nothing are so common that they are unremarkable, in many ways, but don’t get mentioned nearly enough.” [Tweet]


“Americans are not great because they were born in America. That’s geography.” [Tweet]

“Losing faith in America means questioning whether the ideas upon which this nation was founded nearly 250 years ago still work today.” [Tweet]


“This is what America represents, and who we are. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, our nation is the ‘last best hope of earth’.” [Tweet]


“In order to fix something, you have to know how it works. Otherwise, in the pursuit of making it better, you can often end up making it worse.” [Tweet]


“There is no statistically significant difference between the performance of high school seniors today than in the early 1970s. In more than 40 years, we’ve essentially made no progress.” [Tweet]


“If my father had focused more on what he didn’t know, or didn’t have, or how unlikely success would be when he first came to this country, my writing to you to-day would likely have never occurred.” [Tweet]

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Meet the Authors

Louis R. Avallone and Stephen Parr


Louis R. Avallone

Louis R. Avallone is a husband and father, pilot, lawyer, entrepreneur, construction contractor, and author whose political opinion columns have been published regularly in newspapers and magazines across the country, and he appears regularly on radio and television.

As the first generation son of an Italian immigrant, he’s also had a front row seat to the promise of the American Dream. He served on Capitol Hill as a Congressional aide to U.S. Representative Jim McCrery, as an Elector in the Electoral College for President Trump, and has served in many leadership positions, wherever the conservative cause can be advanced, and whenever there’s an opportunity to inspire.

He is a graduate of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where he earned his B.S. in Political Science and his B.A. in Psychology. He is also a graduate of Loyola Law School in New Orleans, where he earned his law degree.

Louis can be reached at louisavallone@conservativeground.org.


Stephen Parr

Stephen Parr is a two-time Emmy nominee with almost two decades’ experience in broadcast journalism. During his award-winning career, Stephen has interviewed Laura Bush, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and many other political leaders and newsmakers, throughout the country.

As the son of a West Point graduate, he grew up with the words “Duty, Honor, Country,” as a household constant — reminding him of what America is, and what she represents. Stephen earned a Bachelor’s in Marketing from the University of Texas, and then a Masters in Geosciences from Mississippi State University.

Along with his deep appreciation for American history, he’s now combining his lifelong passion for politics and love of country to ensure the blessings of liberty are passed on to the next generation of Americans, through his work with conservativeground.org and conservativekid.com. You can also follow Stephen on Facebook and hear his podcast, America on Parr, on iTunes.

You can reach Stephen at stephenparr@conservativeground.org.